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The Love for Lochlin Foundation Inc is continuously looking for different ways to support our initiative in keeping our community safe from the impacts of Influenza. Per the CDC each year up to 20% of the population in the U.S. is infected with the influenza virus with an estimated 140,000 – 810,000 hospitalizations (about 20,000 of those hospitalized are children under the age of 5). The CDC also estimates that each year there are between 12,000 and 61,000 deaths caused by the influenza virus in the U.S. alone. In January of 2020 our 5-year-old son Lochlin DeSantis passed away from the flu. Since then it has become our mission through the foundation we started in his memory, The Love for Lochlin Foundation Inc, to make sure that no other family has to experience this type of loss from a vaccine preventable disease. Therefore, we have been working with Health Departments, Public School Systems, and multiple different pharmacies to set up free flu vaccine clinics around our county to help assure that our less fortunate members of the community have the ability to protect themselves from the impacts of influenza. With our site set on helping the people that are most in need and do not have the resources available to attain the flu vaccine, our mission to is to eventually grow these flu clinics to be nation wide in an effort to help protect as many people as possible from the flu.

Currently with the impact that COVID-19 has had on our economy ~10mm people are unemployed and without health insurance. With the flu season among us and COVID-19 still active in our communities these people are facing a real danger. We want to help keep them and their family members safe along with helping reduce the spread of Influenza throughout our communities. With your support we can continue to purchase the additional vaccines needed and set up flu clinics around the country to help protect these patrons while also helping reduce the spread of the flu in our country.

Recently our foundation conducted a survey of ~2000 people and found that 71.3% (1422 people) said that they would get the flu vaccine if offered. 32.1% of those surveyed also stated that they did not have health insurance and did not qualify for Medicaid. These results are alarming and have prompted us to act quickly in our efforts to grow these flu clinics. Which is why we’re always looking for additional partners and sponsorship to help us provide these pop-up flu clinics to assure that our less fortunate members of society have the opportunity to protect themselves from the influenza virus. 


Brooke & William DeSantis


The Love for Lochlin Foundation Inc.

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