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Support the Homeless Initiative

Working to Protect Everyone from Infectious Diseases

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Providing the Essentials

Making a Difference

Through our Provide the Essentials initiative, we have the potential to make a real and positive change in the community. This is one of our key areas of focus here at Love for Lochlin Inc., and a source of much success for our Non-Profit Organization. We work with local businesses and the community to provide flu vaccines, food, masks, hand sanitizer, clothes, and smile to the less fortunate patrons in our community. Our goal is continue this effort and expand these acts of giving across the country! 

You too can help with this through donating or volunteering your time. Click the link below to lend your support! 

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Plastic Bed Roll Project

Don't throw away your grocery bags, Donate them!

We're teamed up with Boys and Girls Club of America, the YMCA, and The Boy Scouts to create mats for the homeless made from plastic bags! These mats can serve as dry place to sleep and/or a covering to stay out of the weather. The best part is that they are made 100% of plastic grocery bags. So we're helping our patrons in need and recycling at the same time! 

This is an ongoing initiative and we're always looking for Plastic Bag Donations! So don't throw away your grocery bags, donate them! 

Click the link below to see how to make Plastic Bed Rolls are made or contact us to donate your grocery bags!

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